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     The Med Gym is a unique exercise training facility that offers custom assessments and exercise programs for individuals of all ages, needs, and abilities. We specialize in designing exercise programs that fit the individual. Whether you have multiple medical complications, previous injury considerations, athletic performance goals, or just want a custom exercise program to keep you moving and healthy, the Med Gym is the place for you.

     We pride ourselves on having a staff that is well educated. Our Exercise Specialists are required to have a minimum of a four-year degree in an exercise-related field (i.e. Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology). We also strive to stay ahead of the curve in all research and methods related to exercise and physical fitness.

     The Carlisle Med Gym is a proud partner of Cardin and Miller Physical Therapy, which provides us the unique ability to seamlessly transition clients from the gym to Physical Therapy and vice versa.

     We are dedicated to using our expertise in exercise and nutrition coaching to help you...Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better no matter where you’re coming from or where you are going.


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