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Exercise Mat

Black Exercise mat

1' Foam Roller

1 foot foam roller

3' Foam Roller

3 foot foam roller

Myofascial Release Ball

blue myofascial release ball

Airex Pad

blue airex pad

Plyometric Boxes

orange plyometric boxes

The Step

aerobic step
blue stackable step

Stackable Step

Stability Ball - 45cm

45 centimeter yellow stability ball

Stability Ball - 55cm

55 centimeter red stability ball
65 centimeter green stability ball

Stability Ball - 65cm

75 centimeter blue stability ball

Stability Ball - 75cm

TRX Trainer

woman using TRX trainer
adjustable weight bench

Adjustable Weight Bench

BOSU Trainer

blue BOSU Trainer

6" Hurdle (Individual)

individual 6 inch yellow hurdle
individual 12 inch yellow hurdle

12" Hurdle (Individual)

18" Hurdle (Individual)

individual 18 inch yellow hurdle

Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

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