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Success Stories

Gail Eckenroad


When I retired in 2015, I had gone to the doctor and discovered my glucose and A1C readings were high. I didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to exercise while I was working, but I knew something needed to change. My doctor wanted to start me on meds, but I wanted to give exercise a chance. 


Right after that, I came into The Med Gym. I got evaluated, an exercise program was designed specifically for me, and I got started on the program. My big focus was to lower my A1C and lose weight. I’m now in my 6th year at The Med Gym, and I keep going because I’ve seen tremendous benefits in many different areas as well. Not only have I achieved my initial goal, but I also have seen amazing physical, mental, and emotional benefits. 

I see a variety of people come to The Med Gym from youth athletes to people with specific injuries and people using canes and walkers. They are all motivated to come in and work to get the benefits of the exercise and achieve their goals. Each person gets the direction and accountability they need to stay pain-free and have success.

"Med Gym is life-giving"

Johhn Pitman


Before coming to The Med Gym, I experienced a lot of discomfort and pain. I had both knees replaced and was dealing with a fractured kneecap. Physical therapy did help a lot and to continue my progress with strength, I was recommended to The Med Gym.


After about 6 weeks (going 2x/week), I have noticed so much improvement from the exercise program Calvin provided me. I am able to walk faster and farther with minimal pain, which makes my dogs happier. I still have room for improvement, however, my progress continues and I look forward to increasing weights and exercise repetitions in the future. 

Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better.

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