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In Person Training


Move Better. Feel Better. Live Better. 

     Your first appointment at the Med Gym is known as our Initial Engagement Session. During this session we assess your overall fitness. This appointment includes several tests that will give us an accurate
understanding of your baseline biometrics, movement ability, cardio capacity, and strength. We also spend
time discussing your goals and learning more about
you so we can tailor a unique exercise program to help you... 

Our Programs

private training

Semi-Private training

1:1 with exercise specialists

The perfect option for you if you want or need private training from a Med Gym coach.

Our most popular membership!
Semi-Private training gives you personalized attention in every session with a max 4:1 client to trainer ratio.

all programs
are available


per week

Initial Engagement Session 


Includes quarterly reassessments to track progress and more effectively update your program. 

All clients engage in our quarterly 1:1 assessment cycle to ensure the best training experience and progress toward their goals.

To learn more about pricing and availability please give us a call.

We can't wait to talk to you!

Post-Rehab Training 


All Med Gym Exercise Specialists have experience and expertise working with post-rehab clients transitioning out of physical therapy or another rehab setting.


The Med Gym offers the ideal place for you to progress beyond rehab toward your functional goals! Whether your goal is to return to hiking; return to work; be able to play with your grandkids; or return to a sport, we can help you train your body to accomplish these goals!


Get in touch to learn more about our post-rehab training!

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