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Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better

Jumpstart Your Fitness in 2024 with this Black Friday Deal!
Get 50% OFF Your First Month of Private or Semi-Private Training at The Med Gym

Are you ready to Jumpstart your fitness in 2024?

If you:

  • Have gotten away from your healthy routine lately

  • Need a plan to Jumpstart your fitness goals

  • Want to work with expert trainers to get an exercise and nutrition plan designed just for you...

Then we want to help!

Join our private or semi-private training programs at The Med Gym with this special Black Friday offer, and you will get 50% off the price of your first month. 

This special offer includes:

  • A personalized fitness assessment with Functional Movement Screening and InBody body composition screening

  • An exercise program designed just for you

  • 2 or 3x/week semi-private or private training

  • Two complementary nutrition coaching sessions

Contact Us Here for 50% OFF Your First Month!

*This special Black Friday offer expires by the end of the day on Friday, December 1, 2023.*

Participants will receive a voucher to begin their discounted first 4-weeks anytime between 12/1/23 & 1/31/23.

Participants will be contacted by a Med Gym coach with details on getting started and to schedule their initial assessment.

Regular membership rates will begin at the end of 4-weeks unless membership is suspended or canceled.

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