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Hip Mobility Week 11 - The Spider-Man Hip Mobilization

By David Drinks

Okay, so this week’s hip mobility exercise may not give you superhuman strength like getting bit by a radioactive spider might do….but at the very least, it can give you some Spider-Man like hip mobility!

As you watch the video below, you’ll see why we call it the Spider-Man Hip Mobilization, especially if you’ve ever seen any Spider-Man comics, cartoons, or movies. That guy has got some great hip mobility!

So, today we follow in his footsteps and work on a great global hip mobility drill. I say “global” hip mobility drill because this one really incorporates just about all aspects of hip mobility and just about all hip muscles into one movement.

As you go through the Spider-Man Hip Mobilization, you get some good stretching of the hamstrings and adductor muscles on the front leg, as well as a great hip flexor/quadriceps stretch on your back leg.

You also achieve some more extreme hip flexion on the front leg and hip extension on the back leg, along with some hip abduction on the front leg as you step wide of your hands.

That’s a lot of good hip mobility in one movement, but that’s not all! You also get a chance to work on some core and shoulder strength and stability while you work on your hip mobility since you must maintain a rigid torso and push-up position throughout the movement.

All told, this is a great way to progress your hip mobility to start working on a more extreme hip range of motion while simultaneously needing to stabilize your core.

To some people, that might sound like a lot of work…to me, that sounds like some great bang for your hip mobility training buck!

So, if you want to get all of the great benefits of the Spider-Man Hip Mobilization (minus the superhuman strength and ability to shoot webs, of course), then check out the video below and get right to work on your hip mobility:

How Much?

The Spider-Man Hip Mobilization is an excellent hip mobility drill, but it is definitely more advanced. Because of the challenge to the upper body and core strength, as well as the greater hip range of motion, it’s best to start off slow.

Usually, starting with one set of five repetitions on each leg is enough. As you continue to progress your training, however, you can feel free to push it up to multiple sets and reps. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and your hip mobility, as long as you can maintain good form!


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