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One Year and Counting

Happy Monday everyone! I noted on my Facebook page last week that December 15th was the one year anniversary of my first ever blog post. Being the type of person who likes to reflect on things from time to time, I have been thinking about my original intentions with starting David Drinks Fitness, and whether or not I’ve stayed true to those intentions.

In today’s post, I spend some time discussing my thoughts on the past year of writing and my goals for the new year. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I’d like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has read, enjoyed, and connected with my blog. It’s for you that I spend time and energy putting my thoughts on fitness into writing, and I sincerely hope it has been useful to you.

So, enjoy today’s post, and thank you!

Over the past year I have experienced the highs and lows of writing. For every time someone came up to me to say that they really enjoyed my blog post or learned a lot from my recent article, there were times where I wondered why I’m even writing a blog in the first place.

I suppose that everyone has these thoughts of uncertainty regarding anything that they do from time to time. But those thoughts seem to be amplified when you’re doing something that puts you and your ideas in front of other people; something that exposes you to either praise or judgement.

When I decided to start this blog, my original goal was to use it as a tool to share my thoughts, ideas, and learning with others who are interested in learning more about fitness.

While there are many people who begin a blog with the goal of marketing themselves and growing their business, this wasn’t my primary motive. Sure, I realized that if more people knew about me and what I was all about when it comes to fitness, it could potentially be good for business. However, my main goal has always been to share quality information on fitness so that others who are interested can have a source to learn from.

When I was a Junior in college I began to discover others in the fitness world who had developed their own blogs. I loved how they shared so much valuable information for free, and I began to read their blogs on a regular basis.

I always thought that one day it would be great to have my own site where I could in turn share my thoughts and ideas on fitness. Of course, like most big decisions it’s always easy to say, “One day I’d like to start writing my own blog.” But I realized that if I ever wanted to do just that, I simply had to jump in, start writing, and learn as I did it.

So, about this time last year I decided to jump in and start my own website.

As I said, it hasn’t always been easy to regularly publish blog posts and not know how they would be received. First of all it’s challenging to sit down and force myself to write, edit, and re-write articles on a regular basis. But it’s also difficult to block out the thoughts that wonder what people might think when I decide to write something, or if what I say will connect with everyone.

Fortunately, I’ve come to realize that nothing I write will connect with everyone. But for those who do connect with what I’m saying and learn from it, it’s worth it.

So, I plan to continue to write. I hope to get better at writing. I want to write more regularly. But most of all, I want to continue helping you with your journey in fitness.

The fitness world can be a confusing and misleading place for many. We’re constantly inundated with exercise and diet fads that have little evidence to back up their validity. There are so many people out there who claim to be “experts” in the fitness industry, but have no education or experience to back up this claim.

Rather than having a goal of truly helping people, their goal is usually to sell something that sounds good and make some easy money. They may be good at business and marketing, but that doesn’t mean that what they’re marketing is valuable. Still, their ideas get heard as much as those who know what they’re talking about.

I don’t claim to know everything or have it all figured out. However, I do make an effort to distinguish between trends and fads of the fitness world, and true information that’s of value. My goal is to continue sharing evidence based information with you, rather than just my opinions.

So, unlike many other blogs out there, my goal for 2017 isn’t just to grow my list of subscribers. Instead, my goal is to learn more quality information about exercise, nutrition, health, and overall fitness, and share that information with you.

If that results in more followers on my Facebook page, or more subscribers to my blog, then great. But my focus is to continue learning, and continue sharing so you can learn with me.

My goal isn’t to show you how much I know or how great I am. My goal is to help you learn what you need to know so you can achieve your fitness and health goals. If I get better at doing that, it will be a successful year for David Drinks Fitness.

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