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The BIGGEST Factor in Health and Fitness Success

By David Drinks

Successful people do consistently what others do occasionally.

Successful writers write daily. Others who would like to be successful writers only write when they “feel” like writing.

Successful savers save and invest small amounts of money regularly for many years. Others who would like to build wealth save some money one month and spend it all the next month.

Successful athletes and musicians practice and train daily for years to attain more than 10,000 hours of deliberate practice at their craft. Others train or practice when they have a spare moment.

I could go on with more examples of people who are successful in different categories of life. However, the overwhelming point is that daily habits done consistently throughout a long period add up to success.

It’s like that in every category of life, and it’s most certainly like that when it comes to diet and exercise.

At The Med Gym, we do quarterly re-assessments with many of our clients to gauge their progress and get some feedback on the results of their exercise routine.

Now, we see quite a bit of variety in the results of these re-assessments. We see everything from clients who make huge leaps forward toward their goals, to clients who have regressed or hardly made any progress.

The number one difference between these two parties is that the successful ones have built the exercise and eating habits and done them consistently. Often, the unsuccessful ones have spun their wheels around, started and stopped, and ultimately been inconsistent with their commitment to exercise and healthy eating habits.

Of course, this isn’t always their fault. Many times, life just happens, and things come up that prevent them from prioritizing exercise and good nutrition right now.

However, we tend to spend our time and our money on the things that are most important to us. The extent to which you invest in your fitness and nutrition shows the extent to which you prioritize your health and fitness.

Sure, the successful writer has bad days and days that are half as productive. The successful saver/investor has life events that may put their ability to save/invest on hold. Successful musicians and athletes have days where they just don’t feel like practicing and training.

The difference is that the successful people in these categories push through these challenging times, keep showing up, and get back on the horse when they’re knocked down.

They understand that success isn’t written in the big moments of their lives and careers. Instead, it’s written in the daily devotion to the small things that build success with time.

So, when it comes to your exercise and nutrition, success in your journey to your goals is directly correlated to how many weeks in a row you can stick to your exercise and nutrition habits. It’s also directly correlated to how quickly you can get back on the horse when life knocks you out of your routine.

Don’t be so concerned with what the best diet is. Don’t be so concerned with the best exercises or exercise program. The quality of your exercise and nutrition is important, but these things take a back seat to consistency.

Focus on the daily habits. Get small wins that ultimately will add up to success. Show up to the gym on the days that you don’t feel like doing it. Stay within your healthy eating routine even when your friends or family aren’t doing it.

Others may only exercise and eat well occasionally. You will do it consistently. Then when you’re asked how you can be so successful in your health and fitness, you’ll have a perfectly clear answer.

It’s not your genetics. It’s not your metabolism. It’s your habits.


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