All new clients at the Med Gym begin with an Initial Engagement Session. This session allows us to engage with our clients in order to understand where they are coming from, where their starting point needs to be, and what their goals are. This session also involves an assessment of some baseline biometrics, movement ability, cardio capacity, and strength. From this point, we will design a comprehensive exercise program for you based on your needs, abilities, and goals. This session also includes three quarterly re-assessments (3 months, 6 months, and 9 months) in order to objectively track progress and provide feedback during the exercise program.


  • Our most popular offering, semi-private training allows our clients to receive regular training sessions with one of our Exercise Specialists in no more than a 4:1 client to trainer ratio. The benefits of semi-private training are that you receive personal training-like attention while paying a fraction of the cost of 1:1 personal training sessions.

  • We offer options for one, two, three, or four semi-private training sessions per week.

  • All semi-private training clients receive automatic access to the Med Gym Online platform as an additional benefit to your membership. This enables us to develop a more complete training routine with additional remote training sessions during the week, and/or the ability to continue working with your Med Gym coach while traveling or on vacation, so you don't miss a beat with your training while away from the gym!



  • Even though the majority of our training occurs in a semi-private setting, we do offer personal training options for clients who either want or need 1:1 personal attention.

  • Medical Members – We offer 1:1 exercise sessions for clients who have medical conditions or complications that prevent them from being able to exercise independently of a trainer.



In today’s highly connected, mobile world it has become even easier to develop exercise programs and coach clients who are not able to physically come to the gym on a weekly basis. We offer Med Gym Online for those who seek a quality training program from the Exercise Specialists at the Med Gym, but who cannot exercise at the Med Gym. This is done by way of an Initial Virtual Assessment, followed by an exercise program customized to your goals and sent to you. We offer our own exercise video demonstrations for each exercise in your program to show you exactly how to complete each exercise properly, and a monthly program update to keep you moving forward toward your goals.

We also offer accountability within our Online coaching programs with regular check-ins and calls to answer questions, troubleshoot exercises, and give you the support needed to reach your goals!

Our Hybrid Training programs offer the flexibility of regular in-gym training sessions combined with our online training program. This offers you the best of both worlds! Get the in-person coaching that you need, along with the flexibility to complete the rest of your exercise program from home or anywhere in the world!


The Med Gym employs a Registered Dietitian to help you sort through the increasingly confusing world of nutrition. We believe in sound nutritional choices that support your goals and fit within your lifestyle. Scheduling a consult with our Dietitian can get you on the right track when it comes to what you’re eating.


Nutrition Coaching is designed to offer support to encourage healthy, sustainable behavior change. The coaching relationship is an essential key to bridging the gap between the knowledge of what to do, and the actual carrying out of the behavior. So many times, we know what to do when it comes to things like diet and exercise, but many emotional, psychological, and physical factors prevent us from carrying out what we know to do. Nutrition Coaching gives you guidance, support and accountability from our Precision Nutrition Certified nutrition coach.

The program consists of weekly in-person, over the phone, or video call coaching sessions, designed to establish goals, build new healthy-eating habits, and transform your eating one day at a time!


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