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Join Our Small Group Nutrition Coaching Program!

We say it all the time…you can’t out-exercise a poor diet.


With the start of a New Year…and the holiday season behind us…now is the perfect time to focus on improving your diet!


That’s why our nutrition coach, Erin Smeigh, will host a 6-week small group nutrition coaching program starting Thursday, 1/18 at 7:15pm.


Join her every Thursday evening for six weeks, and she will help you avoid the most common traps while building a strong foundation for healthy eating to reach your 2024 goals!!


So, if you are...


-- Tired of knowing what you should eat but not sticking to it.

-- Done with feeling like you can't gain traction no matter how hard you exercise.

-- Over the fad diets that work for a while but never last.

-- Tired of feeling drained and less than your best all the time…


Then, this program may be perfect for you!


You’ll learn how to:


-- Make real changes to your nutrition in spite of real-life challenges.

-- Take actionable steps to build momentum in the right direction.

-- Implement better eating habits. 

-- Ignore all the noise around dieting and focus on the right next step for you!


This is not a diet plan… This is professional nutrition coaching... to provide you with the education, direction, and accountability you need to meet your health & fitness goals by improving your nutrition. 


There is no one-size-fits-all plan. Instead, you’ll learn the right path forward for you!


Why Small Group?


We love the small group coaching format because it allows you to get coaching in a more cost-effective way than private coaching. However, it also allows you to get enough individualized attention to tune the plan to your unique circumstances.


Beginning on Thursday, 1/18/24, Erin will host the group from 7:15 p.m. to 8 p.m. at The Med Gym for 6-weeks of weekly coaching sessions.


Each session will include the following topics, followed by an opportunity for Q&A…


How to create a well-rounded whole-food eating plan


How to avoid stress and boredom eating


Why protein is a key nutrient supporting and involved in many body systems and functions



Rest and how it impacts your overall nutrition and wellness.


How your nutrition practices are impacting your hormones.


Movement and exercise and the digestion connection. 


Whether your goal is improving your health, changing your body weight, increasing your energy, or all of the above, this program can help you get there.


And, you can get all 6-weeks of coaching for just $99!


The deadline to enroll in the program is Wednesday, 1/17…


So, if you are ready to focus on improving your nutrition this fall, then contact us here:























About Erin Smeigh:





After reversing her own autoimmune disorder with food, movement, hydration, and supplements, Erin discovered her desire to support others in finding wellness through nutrition and identifying hidden stressors.

Her objective with nutrition coaching is to help individuals create a routine of eating more whole and unprocessed foods. Choosing to be mindful of what they eat and when they eat it.

Forget the days of being trapped in a chaotic cycle of restricting food, overeating, feeling guilty, and then restricting even more. Erin will help you, identify your stressors, and develop long-term, enjoyable habits around food so you can live a happier and healthier life.

By doing this you can create a sustainable plan for long-term health and body change.

Erin is a Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition


She has also obtained her certification as an FDNP-Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Health Coach

Thank you for contacting us about Small Group Nutrition Coaching! We'll be in touch ASAP to give you all the details about the program!

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