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Setting and Hitting Goals Part 1 - Identifying Your Goals

Updated: Jan 5

By David Drinks

As we come into a new year, it is the right time to place some focus on setting and hitting your goals.

No matter what your experience has been with "New Year's resolutions," the fact is that most people are thinking about making some changes and hitting some goals to be a better version of themselves this year.

There is a natural reset that occurs after the busy holiday season and the dawn of a new year. Plus, with the long winter months ahead of us and fewer distractions, it is a great time to lock in on building the habits that will lead you to your goals.

But, there is one problem that I see with goal setting. The majority of people need to set better goals. 

Most people fail to hit their goals. Looking at the New Year's resolutions stats, just about everyone fails. Why? It does not have as much to do with circumstances or willpower as with people setting themselves up for failure with poor goal setting.

Not setting goals properly leads to two outcomes:

  1. You don't hit your goal.

  2. You think goal setting does not work.

Goal setting absolutely does work, and you can hit your goals! But you do need to apply the correct process to get the desired outcome.

That is why I want to spend some time during the first part of this year helping you dial in your goal-setting so you can have the best chance at success!

Too many people have long since given up on setting goals. A missed goal happened one too many times, and so they determined that they were just happier not setting goals.

Or they are relatively comfortable with their life right now and do not feel the need to pursue anything else.

OR they already feel overwhelmed and cannot fathom taking on another commitment right now. (Perhaps your goal in this case is to take specific steps to get less overwhelmed!).

But here is the thing. Humans need hope. We need to feel traction and progress to live our best lives.

And if things are not exactly as you would like them to be in every category of your life (which is true of everyone), then you have a goal - even if you are not saying it out loud.

My goal today (no pun intended) is to help you identify these unspoken goals and raise them to the level of consciousness for you. This is the first step in making the progress you want for this year.

Also, I know this is a gym blog, but I will focus on more than fitness goals. Our mission at The Med Gym is to help you "Move Better, Feel Better, and Live Better." That encompasses a whole lot more than just fitness!

While we are best suited to help you achieve your health and physical fitness goals at The Med Gym, we also want to encourage you to pursue your best life in every category.

So, where might these unspoken goals be hiding?

Think about your:

  • Professional/work life: Are you exactly where you want to be, doing work that is meaningful to you?

  • Health and physical fitness: Is your body in the best health possible? Are you physically fit enough to do all the activities you need and want to do? Are you concerned about your long-term health?

  • Family & Relationships: Relationships are tricky because they require two people. We cannot control other people's thoughts and actions as much as we want. So, are you doing everything in your power to have the best possible relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, and others in your circle of influence?

  • Financial Health: Are you happy with where you are at in your finances? Are there changes you need to improve your income or reduce your expenses? Are there steps you need to take to improve your financial future?

  • Home/Physical Environment: Is your home precisely how you would like it, or is there something nagging at your attention to declutter, repair, or upgrade? What about your work environment? Is it conducive to focus and quality work, or does it need more organization or new tools to help you do your best work?

  • Intellectual/Spiritual/Emotional: This is a big one. Not only does it encompass many things, but it is also critical to your health and well-being. Humans are intellectual, spiritual, and emotional beings. We are complex. If you are not growing in these areas, you may have a goal to focus more on one of these aspects of your life.

  • Hobbies/Interests/Pursuits: Is there anything you have thought about pursuing in your life that was not previously an option but has come into the realm of possibility now?

Did any of these categories drum up something that you wish to be different or better than it is? That is a great candidate for your 2024 goals!

So, let's go back to why most people fail to stick with their New Year's resolutions or hit their goals. The first reason is that they need to take the time to identify genuine and meaningful goals. 

Instead of identifying a goal that would genuinely make a difference in their life, most people say what they think they should say (like, "I want to lose some weight and feel better this year").

Not only are these types of goals vague, but they are also not motivating.

So, the first step to setting and hitting goals is that they have to be YOUR goals!

So, what are your goals? What do you wish to be different than it is right now in any category of your life? What is your vision for a better future?

Take some time to identify goals that are meaningful and motivating to you. Setting an intention to hit a goal that will really improve your life is the only way you will stick with it through the ups and downs.

I cannot tell you what your goal is or should be. However, I hope the prompts I gave today are enough to spur you to identify your goals right now.

From here, I'd like to walk with you as your "coach" to help you set and hit your goals this year. Let's put an end to vague goals that get lost by mid-February! 

Instead, let's find the right goals for you and walk together down the path of planning and executing your path to your desired future!

Are you ready? If so, stay tuned for a new part in this series every Friday for the first 6 weeks of the year.

I'll be touching on each part of the goal-setting process to give you the method for successfully setting and hitting your goals.

Let's set a "resolution" to make this year different!


P.S. If you identify a health and fitness goal as one of your top priorities this year, we want to help! 

One of our expert fitness coaches will sit down with you to walk you through our SMART goal-setting system, help you identify the path to success, and design your ideal exercise and nutrition plan.

Contact us here to schedule a free consultation!

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